The youth of Torremolinos fell to defeat against Xerez Deportivo, where he was not in the game.

A wonderful morning in the city of Jerez, which was celebrating its big week with the fair, in the empty Chapín stadium, which housed not even 1000 people.

The local team controlled the ball in the midfield, while Juventud de Torremolinos waited for an opportunity on the counter.

In minute 17, in a counter where Javi Lopez was driving the ball and after penetrating the area, he received a slap to the face from Hugo Carrillo, and the referee awarded the maximum penalty. Javi Amaya transformed cheating on Alex.

In minute 27, a cross from the right side that Erik Aguado took advantage of to control with his chest and beat Amador from the edge of the small area.

The best moments of Juventud de Torremolinos arrived, who had two chances through Javi Amaya, who participated in all of them, and from the youth squad Diego, who after a corner kick, finished off with a spur before Alex’s goal.

This is how the Balearic Islands referee decreed rest. A very active Juventud de Torremolinos and doing damage to the counter and a Xerez who was whistled by his public, despite the draw.

The second half began without chances and without a clear dominator of the game, where Antonio Calderón made a triple change in the eleven, bringing on Gerrit, Lavela and Alexis to refresh all the lines. In the 56th minute, the visiting team was noticeable with Caturla’s shoe that went near the post of Alex Quesada.

Calderon took advantage to debut David Camara, a subsidiary player. In the 67th minute, another ball into the heart of the area from the side that Amador cleared, leaving the ball dead, a circumstance that David Aguado took advantage of to send the ball into the back of the net. Xerez Deportivo came back.

Xerez Deportivo was going through the most placid time of the game, where even a goal was annulled in 76, for controlling the ball with his hand at the time of receiving. Alexis had it, who along the bottom line, brought out an individuality, sending the ball over Alex Quesada.

In minute 79 a kick from Baeza from the front slipped into Amador’s goal, who couldn’t do anything else to avoid Jerez’s third goal.

Juventud de Torremolinos ended the season with this result, conceding three goals on a bad day for the green.

Xerez Deportivo: Quesada, Marcelo, Carrillo, Alvaro, Menéndez, Rafa Parejo, Bello, Carrión, Erik Aguado, Luna, Simeone.

Juventud de Torremolinos: Amador, Rousseau, Miguel, Urbina, Virgil, Caturla, Andrei, Javi Lopez, Machuca, Amaya, Diego. También jugaron: Gerrit, Lavela, Alexis

Árbitro: Miguel Domato Pedrera. Colegio Balear

Incidencias: Estadio Municipal de Chapín ante 1153 espectadores. Una veintena desplazados desde Torremolinos.

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