Official statement

Disagreement and deep discomfort

Juventud de Torremolinos CF want to express their disagreement and deep discomfort with several recent refereeing actions in their matches in Second Federation, which have generated a sentiment of dissatisfaction and injustice among the green family.

Respecting the difficulty of refereeing work, and respecting the different levels and professionals involved in it, Juventud de Torremolinos CF considers itself, in the main, to have suffered prejudice to date due to various controversial refereeing actions, which are complicating its performance in the competition.

The harm suffered reveals the need to further unify the criteria of the refereeing decisions taken on the pitch, and in the search for greater transparency in the situations of intervention of the refereeing trio. These are processes where rigour and good practice must prevail above all else. There are already several obvious situations in which the team has been clearly prejudiced in decisions of relevance and that have conditioned the sporting results obtained.

Juventud de Torremolinos CF is currently a new club in the category, but this institution has been working hard with humility and respect to raise the level of the competition, trusting that all the agents involved will be at the expected level.

Playing in this championship is an exciting challenge for our club and its supporters, but there is no doubt that this type of situation causes significant damage to the overall impression conveyed.

Having said that, the club would like to thank all the Green and Whites’ fans for their impeccable behaviour at all times, and for their unconditional support when faced with this type of obstacle, and we trust that it will not continue to be repeated.

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