Nutrition department

  • Improve sportive performance.
  • Improve health in general..
  • Promote healthy eating habits.

For the senior players of the club, the work is based on improving sport performance thanks to nutrition, creating nutritional plans and assisting them to elaborate their own menus. We work on sports supplementation, looking to reach optimum point of each one and to emphasize the importance of rest and recovery.

For the rest of the 11-a-side football teams, we focus to improve health, promoting the importance of nutrition habits, rest and periodization.

In the 7-a-side football teams, the main and fundamental work is the nutritional education. This education is focused on learning and becoming aware of nutrition importance, which is fundamental to maintain good health, especially when they are adults.

All the work is done on a group or on an individual level when is requested by the coach, parent or legal guardian.

Nutritionist in charge

Darío Borrero Moreno - Departamento de Nutrición del Juventud Torremolinos
Dario Borrero Moreno
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